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13879 Days

December 30, 2012
birthday_problemToday is my birthday and like every other normal person, I celebrated by doing some math. (I said MATH people!  Not meth.)  As it turns out, I have been on this earth for 13,879 days, figuring in leap years.  Those days have been an extraordinarily wonderful gift and I’m thankful for each them, but that is not why I calculated them.  I did the math to put into perspective, just how many of those days I used appropriately.  How many days did I invest on what mattered most?  How many did I invest on who mattered most?  How many did I invest on achieving the right goals for the right reasons?
Psalm 90:12 Teach us to number our days,that we may gain a heart of wisdom.
Am I satisfied that I used all of those days well?  Of course not!  Can you show me someone who is?  Maybe I used them very well, or maybe not.   Maybe I used them better than you did, or maybe not.  Here’s the cool part… It doesn’t matter how I used them and it doesn’t matter how you used yours!  What is important is : How will I (or you) use the next 13,879 days?  Perhaps the most important question is : How will I (or you) use the first day of the next 13,879 days?  I will invest mine in review of my life plan.  If you don’t already have a life plan, will you invest this day in the creation of yours or wait another 13,879?
A life plan is a simple guide for living life on purpose and achieving what matters most in every area of life.  I’ve used some form or another of a life plan for several years now.  However, this most recent format seems to be the simplest and most effective life planning tool I’ve used to date.  I’m convinced that anyone can have the life they want by following the four simple steps in this life plan:
1. Outcomes.  Begin with the end in mind.  How will I be remembered by _____________?
2. Prioritize.  Identify and prioritize your “life accounts.”
3. Action Plans.  Create a plan of action to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.
4. Review.  Schedule (on an actual calendar) your weekly and quarterly review times for the purpose of keeping yourself in balance and on track.
This framework comes from Michael Hyatt’s free e-Book “CREATING YOUR PERSONAL LIFE PLAN a Step by Step Guide for Designing the Life You’ve Always Wanted.”  Did I mention, it’s free?  Follow the link now, download the e-Book, and start creating the life you are meant to live!  You can’t afford to wait another 13,879 days!
Question : How many of you fellow nerds did the reverse math and calculated how many times I’ve circumvented the sun?
  1. Ask a simple question! Make this birthday count!

    • I did, Vi. I spent it with 4 of my favorite people! Carrie, Isaac, and our nieces Jaclyn & Anna Marie.

  2. Hi Jeremy. Great post. Happy Birthday. I am glad you are using parts of some of these days to write and share.

    • Thanks, Karin. I’m grateful that you do the same. You know what?… I would hardly say that you do the same. It’s more like you BUST IT every one of those days write and share! I enjoy your killer posts more than you know!

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